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1. Improve overall Church financial condition and operations
• Job description/compensation reviews for Clergy, Admin. Asst., Maintenance staff
• Establish process for managing donations from individuals and organizations
• Continue soliciting fixed, recurring monthly donations from parishioners and organizations
• Create/implement Serb Hall turnaround strategy
• Add software system to improve data management of memberships, donations and taxes,          etc.
• Specific, one-time per year fund-raising campaign (e.g. buy-a-brick campaign)

2. Better management of Church campus, facilities and properties
• Assess, repair, secure funding for leaks in Church roof and stone work
• Designate someone as first point of contact for repair and maintenance work on
Church homes and properties, and build a list of service providers
• Replace carpeting in church
• Upgrade sound system in Church

3. Parochial School
• Remind families of $500 tuition premium for non-members
• Explain benefits/cost-savings of becoming Church member ($150 vs. $500)
• Enforce existing policy of $500 tuition premium for non-members