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Much of our strength as Orthodox Christians comes from being connected with other members of our Christian community, being “part of the Body,” as Apostle Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians, not being “apart” from the body. This is not just for the sake of the faith community, but also for the sake of the individual. If you have yet to become a member of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral congregation, we warmly invite you to join. You will find strength and love in being among others who share your beliefs and devotion to our Holy Orthodox Faith. Join us!

Download the membership application here:

Membership Application FNL 07


Every person, through the Sacrament of Baptism, becomes a member of the Church. That membership is maintained by participation in the life of the Church, through the Holy Sacrament of Confession and Communion. If a person is practicing that, they are a member of the Church regardless of their material abilities and situation. However, in our parishes there is also another type of membership. In any Church there are parishioners who pay their annual dues to their Church and those who do not. Those who pay their annual dues have the right to help make decisions by voting at the annual and special meetings. The Church does not have the means nor is it her nature to force anyone to become a member. We encourage and welcome those of you who are not paying members to set aside a little time and a little of your resources and become a member of your Church.  The doors of the Church are always open for everyone. Let us all come to our Church, for in that way we will be closer to God and closer to one another. We have included the membership fees and other important fees that might be of interest to you.


Свака особа кроз Свету Тајну Крштења постаје члан Цркве. То чланство у Цркви одржава се учешћем у животу Цркве, кроз Свете Тајне Исповести и Причешћа.  Ако особа то практикује, онда је она члан Цркве, без обзира на своје материјалне могућности и своју материјалну ситуацију. Међутим, у нашим парохијама постоји и друго чланство. У једној парохији има парохијана који плаћају годишњу чланарину својој Црквеној Општини, а има и оних који то не раде. Они који плаћају годишњу чланарину, имају право да доносе одлуке.  Црква нити има начина, а нити је то њена природа, да приморава било кога да буде њен члан. Ви који нисте чланови Црквено-школске општине, издвојте мало времена и мало срестава и будите њени чланови. Врата Цркве су увек и за све отворена. Приђимо својој Цркви, па ћемо се Богу приближити и на тај начин бити ближи и једни другима.

Membership Fees / Чланарина (as of 2012 / од 2012)

Single person – самци $100.00

Retired – пензионери $100.00

Married –ожењени $100.00 (one Orthodox/једно Православан/на)

Married – ожењени $150.00 (both Orthodox/обоје Православни)

Students are exempt as long as they attend school.

Студенти који похађају школу су ослобођени чланарине.

         Members/Чланови    *             Non-Members/Нечланови

  • Baptisms / Крштење:     No Fee / безплатно   No Fee / безплатно
  • Conversion into Orthodoxy/

     Превод у православну веру    No Fee / безплатно   No Fee / безплатно

  • Weddings / Венчање     $75.00   $250.00

    No fee if member over 10 yrs +

    Безплатно за чланове 10 година +

  • Funerals / Сахрана   $75.00    $250.00

     No fee if member 10yrs +

     Безплатно за чланове 10 година +

  • Requiem Services / Парастоси      $15.00     $25.00

     No fee if member 10 yrs +

           Безплатно за чланове 10 година +

Membership application link:

Membership Application FNL 07