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08-09The Sumadija Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble was founded in 1969 with the purpose of depicting the traditions and culture of the Serbian people through traditional song and dance. Over four decades later, Sumadija continues to be a vital organization within the St. Sava Cathedral parish with over 180 members ranging from 6 to 35 years of age.

With pride in our Serbian culture, positive attitude, hard work, and dedication, Sumadija has and continues to achieve great notoriety within the Milwaukee community as well as throughout the United States. Sumadija’s Board, parents, and the entire St. Sava Church community have always been proud to be represented by a group of wonderful and talented Serbian youth.

Here is a video of the First Ensemble’s premier performance of Fasange u Banatu!

Selfie Prep Pittsburgh Youngins


Dragana Stanisic – Beginner Ensemble
Jelena Gvozden & Bojana Vucinic – Childrens Ensemble
Michael Malich – Preparatory Ensemble
Milena Micanovic – Performance Ensemble
Goran Micanovic – Performance Ensemble
Michael Malich – First Ensemble

Board Members

President Darinka Sever
Vice President Position Currently Unfilled
Secretaries Laurie Nikolic
Nikolina Goronja (Membership Secretary)
Treasurer Snezana Ogrizovic-Stefanovich

Members at Large

JuDee Fischer

Vicki Stojsavljevic

Milka Mandic

Costume Coordinators Milka Mandic
Stephanie Showers
Bosiljka Jovic (Youth Costume Coordinator)